Killarney: 3-Day Intro to Winter Camping

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Killarney: 3-Day Intro to Winter Camping


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Maybe our most stunning trip of the year! See Killarney - Ontario's hidden gem - when it's covered in a sparkling white blanket of snow! There is a reason this trip is our guides’ favorite. The beauty of Killarney in the winter is unmatched and unforgettable. Come join us and sleep in a heated Yurt, or go the more adventurous route and sleep in a prospector tent or a snow shelter! All options lead to a very fun and unique experience!

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Locations: Killarney Park          Activity: Snowshoeing, Winter Camping          Difficulty: Beginner/Moderate

Combine the beauty of winter with the warmth of wood-burning stoves and you've got an unforgettable trip! With the nights being as long as they are, you'll have the chance to see stars in a way that most people never do. If you’re lucky, you may even get a chance at seeing the northern lights!

Learn some amazing skills, like snowshoeing and even building a snow shelter. If successful, you even have the option of sleeping in it! We will camp in a warm tent and hopefully enjoy some fantastic stars. Killarney is known for its hilltops of quartzite-infused granite that used to be taller than Everest. If the ice is frozen and the group is feeling it, we may even hike across the lake to the top of a peak to enjoy a sunrise! Without a doubt, a spectacular view (just bring warm clothing - it'll likely be really chilly!) 

Custom Dates: We can accommodate many custom dates. Because of the popularity of this location, it is best to book as soon as possible (ideally 5-6 months in advance). Minimum group size of 4 for above mentioned price. Smaller group sizes possible, but price may change.

Day 1 – Arrival and Welcoming

Arriving in Killarney in the winter is an interesting experience. The nervousness of camping in the winter that you felt on the drive up melts away as you step out of the car and see the surreal landscapes of this one of a kind winter wonderland.

We introduce ourselves and meet the guides, who show you some great tricks on staying warm throughout the trip. We spend some time getting to know the group and packing all of our stuff onto the sleds, and then its off to the heated cabins or yurts where you’ll spend the next days rediscovering the wonders of winter.

Day 1 – Fun and Games

Once we’re settled in and unpacked, it’s time to explore! The George Lake campground is a large area that houses hundreds of people in the summer. In the winter we have it almost entirely to ourselves! We’ll take this time getting to know the area (by snowshoe if the snow is deep), before the sun starts to set and we get ready for dinner.

Day 1 – Dinner and Stargazing

Dinner is a special time for Overhang, as we take great pride in our menu. We’ve long since done away with the hot dogs on sticks, and instead rely on a healthy, high energy, and mostly vegetarian menu. Of course, on a cold winter day, nothing is better than a nice warm meal!

After dinner, we head out for some stargazing. The lake is fully frozen over at this point, so we can walk out to the middle and set up some snow chairs (yes, they are exactly what they sound like!) to sit back and relax in while we absorb the quiet and surreal experience!

After soaking up the stars, we head back to our nice heated yurts or cabins and settle in for the night. Tomorrow will be an amazing day and we want all the sleep we can get.

Day 2 – Breakfast

We wake up to an amazing cooked breakfast and coffee on the percolator. All vegetarian and freshly made. Coffee never tastes better than when you’re standing in a magical winter forest, miles away from the city, surrounded by towering snow covered pines. Must be the stove…

Day 2 – Quincy Building

This is the moment we’ve been waiting for. We set out to the clearings where the summer campers set up their tents, and start piling snow into a big mound. With a few people working together we make pretty quick progress, and the work keeps us nice and warm. This is usually the point where participants start up a snowball fight, and it normally ends up with our guides covered in snow.

Quincies take time to settle before they can be hollowed out, so we leave the mound of snow and move on to our next activity. Or we keep throwing snow at the guide. Either option is fun.

Day 2 – Lunch and Tobogganing

We break for lunch and chow down on some delicious food. The best thing about winter camping is that you can really eat as much as you want. In order to stay warm, you burn a lot of calories, and so you’re free to indulge and go a little wild with the snacks. You’ll need the energy for tobogganing.

We set out with our magic carpets and sleds and find some nice slopes to slide down. Somehow this part of the trip also ends up with the guide being pelted with snow. Funny, that.

Day 2 – Finishing the Quincies

The quincy has settled by now and it’s time to start digging! We take turns carving out the center, being careful not to thin out the walls by too much. There is some serious technique to be learnt here, and your guide will help make sure that the quincy is structurally sound and safe to sleep in.

Day 2 – Dinner and Stargazing

We take a break once again from the quincy, and warm up with a hot nutritious meal. Night two is where we pull out all of the stops and really make it special. We warm up in the visitor center with it’s wood burning stove before heading out for a night walk onto the lake. If the quincy was a success and someone is brave enough to sleep in it, we’ll help set them up so that they’re comfortable and can sleep soundly through the night. The rest of the group will head back to their heated accommodation and get a good nights rest.

Day 3 – Early Morning Hike to See the Sunrise

For those who are interested, we’ll take an early morning hike up one of the nearby hills to watch the sun come up. Bundle up, because this one can be cold!

Day 3 – Breakfast

Our final breakfast. We serve up a hot meal with coffee and tea, relax, and reflect on the last few days. Overhang brings a trip journal on every trip, and this is a great time to add an entry and share your thoughts with future trippers!

Day 3 – Pack Up and Head Home

All good things come to an end, so we pack up, do a final check through the cabins and yurts (and quincy) and head back to the parking lot to say our goodbyes! 

Trip does not include:

  • Transportation to and from the park

  • Parking at George Lake

  • Flashlight

  • Lunch on day 1

  • Dinner on day 3

  • Souvenirs

Trip Includes: 

  • Price Includes Tax

  • Food, drinks and snacks while on trip

  • Friendly, certified and professional staff

  • Group gear (tents, stoves, tarps, etc...)

  • Camping gear rentals (sleeping bags, underpads, snowshoes, etc...)

  • Permits and other fees

  • All safety and First Aid equipment