Escape Algonquin - The Mad Scientist: 3-Day Canoe Trip


Escape Algonquin - The Mad Scientist: 3-Day Canoe Trip


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A rogue government scientist has threatened the world by releasing a deadly virus, and it’s up to you to stop him! All you’ve got is 3 days, your team of adventurers, and your wits to save the world. Do you have what it takes? Join us for this three-day strategy game where you and the group race the clock to find the vaccine and save the world! 

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Locations: Algonquin Park          Activity: Canoeing, Cooperative Games      Difficulty: Beginner/Moderate

Our three-day Algonquin Escape Game lets you and your teammates see the very best of Algonquin while you discover clues and work towards a common goal of finding the vaccine to a deadly virus released by a mad scientist. Whether you win or lose, the clues are hidden in some of the most beautiful and scenic spots in the park, and it will be a weekend to remember!

Your guide will be with you and your group throughout the game, as you explore rivers, waterfalls, beaches and hopefully get a chance to see some wildlife in southern part of the lake. After an amazing day of paddling and saving the world, you’ll head back to your site where you’ll take a break from the game, go for a swim, and relax by the fire and enjoy some of Overhang’s superb camping cuisine!

If you’ve done well, your final day will culminate in an epic moment where you need to pick the correct vaccine. Only one pill can save the world, but which one? Do you have what it takes?

Groups and Individuals are both accepted. All adventurers on the trip will work together to successfully get through the weekend.·        

Corporate groups and schools are welcome. Custom Dates available. This is a great teambuilding exercise! Minimum 4 participants for above quoted price.


  • Parking at Algonquin if you drive yourself

  • Personal gear (clothing, toiletries, camera, etc...)

  • Flashlight

  • Lunch on day 1

  • Dinner on day 3

  • Souvenirs


  • Optional Return Transportation from Toronto via Parkbus (see below)

  • Food, drinks and snacks while on trip

  • Canoes, PFDs, paddles

  • Paddling Lesson

  • Friendly, certified and professional staff

  • Group gear (tents, stoves, tarps, etc...)

  • Camping gear rentals (sleeping bags, underpads, etc...)

  • Permits and other fees

  • All safety and First Aid equipment

Day 1 – Arrival and security briefing

As you make your way into the park early on Day 1, you take in the beautiful scene. When passing by seemingly pristine forests, it’s hard to believe that the world is in chaos and that you and a group of fellow scientist-adventurers are the only ones left to save the world. You don’t know the rest of the team you’ll be working with, but you know you can’t be late for the 12:15pm meeting time at the Canoe Lake Access Point. Your guide, a lone survivor from the company Overhang Adventures has been chosen to lead the security briefing and get your team caught up on the fine details of the weekend’s mission.

Once all team members arrive, the guide will go over the top secret mission details. Because of possible saboteurs, multiple briefings have been made, and only the guide knows which mission you’ll go on. At this point, the guide will give your team the first clue and a set of medication that’ll allow you to enter the contaminated zones in Algonquin Park. To make sure you’re able to move efficiently and effectively – I mean, the entire world is depending on you – your guide will train you in how to use a map and compass, and how to canoe. From there, it’s up to you and your team to decide where the group goes where the group ends up.

Day 1 – Setting up Your Lab/Basecamp

After reaching a few waypoints, you realize that most of the other points are within a several kilometer radius of a nearby lake. As a team, you decide to set up a basecamp so that you can move quicker between the different points with lighter boats. When you arrive on shore, your guide becomes very excited to teach some camping skills, and shares as much knowledge on as many skills as you’ll allow. You are the first sane people your guide has seen in weeks. Once your lab has been set up, you take a look at the calm waters. Although you realize the countdown is on and every second counts, after a certain hour of the day, all you can do is sit in a hammock or go for a swim. Off in the distance, you can hear the cry of loons. It always amazes you how nothing other than humans have been infected.

Day 1 – Nourishment and Day 1 Debrief

In the evening, your guide surprises you with fresh delicious ingredients to make dinner. In a recent supply run, they lucked out and found a grocery store that hadn’t been over-run and stock-piled some supplies. Knowing that you and your team are the last few healthy humans, and that if you don’t succeed, no amount of healthy veggies will make a difference for the human race, your guide decides to cook some really great meals for the potential last few meals of the species. As you dine on dinner, a bonfire is started, and the team discusses the day’s events and the strategy for tomorrow. Being so far from light pollution, the stars are unforgettable. You know you need a good night’s sleep though because Day 2 is going to be wild!

Day 2 – Breakfast

Knowing that so much is at stake, you and your team opt for an early morning start. Breakfast is quick and the coffee goes down smooth, and in very little time, you are off to your first waypoint of the day. 

Day 2 – Game Time

As you go from waypoint to waypoint, you realize three things: Firstly, the mad scientist’s clues don’t always lead to anything useful. It’s as if the mad scientist designed this mission to be very challenging (wink wink, nudge nudge). Secondly, it seems as though every waypoint is near something quite beautiful. Lastly, and most importantly, you realize that you may not necessarily have enough medication to enter all the contamination sites, and so you may have to get creative on how to get more meds.

Day 2 – Dinner and Bonfire

You and your team try to get to as many waypoints as you can, but you start to feel the pressure sinking onto you. As the day starts to wean, your team decides to head back to basecamp and see if there’s any way to decipher the clues you’ve collected so far. Hopefully you’ve solved enough clues by this point. Otherwise, you’ll only have a few hours in the morning. As a last dinner, the guide prepares something very special. You toast to good friends, good food, and good times, as the stars start making their way into the night sky. If this is going to be the last night of humanity, it’s a good way to go.

Day 3 – Getting the vaccine to the people

This is it! The final push! Over the course of the weekend, you and your team discovered a number of vaccines. Based on your security briefing, you know that only one of them will be of any use. The rest are all meant to prevent you from completing your mission. If you figure out which pill, you must also decipher where the extraction point is. All of this before the clock runs out at 1:30pm.

Do you have what it takes?

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