Canoe Tripping: Advanced Skills Tandem and Solo


Canoe Tripping: Advanced Skills Tandem and Solo


This Advanced Canoe tripping course builds on the canoeist's camping skills, and introduces group dynamics, group management, food preparation and storage, for extended trips.

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Have a group? We can work with you to create a canoe tripping course for your group for most dates. Minimum 4 participants for the above stated price.

This course meets OPHEA "Canoe Tripping Skills" Standards for leading a canoe trip with students


  • Introduction to Canoe tripping, or equivalent skills, and a minimum of 4 logged overnight trips, and appropriate venue course.
  • If leading trips on moving water, must have skill level to match the level of moving water travelling.
  • Recommended: minimum 36 hour Wilderness First Aid Course 

Class Ratio

1 Instructor:10 Participants 


Venue specific to instructor and participant qualifications.

This course can be partly conducted off water. 


Venue specific to instructor and/or participant qualifications. 

Program Overview


  • Review as required Intro to Canoe tripping Theory
  • Pre Trip Planning, see Knowledge Section
  • Safety & Rescue Considerations in Remote Areas
  • Emergency Ground Evacuation
  • Emergency Air Evacuation
  • Emergency Shelter Construction
  • Missing Person Search


  • Review Intro to Canoe tripping Practical
  • Solo Canoe Rescues (self, towing, etc.): in controlled situations, gear tie in options (tethered vs secured), stay with the boat
  • Multiple Canoe Rescue (ie. two swamped canoes)
  • Canoe Modifications for Victim Evacuation
  • Unconscious Victim Retrieval
  • Camping Skills
  • Review as required Intro to Canoe tripping Camping Skills
  • Packing (extended for remote area and longer duration)
  • Loading and Packing a Canoe (incl. trim, etc.)
  • Advanced Portaging (incl. trail maintenance)
  • Campsite Selection (backcountry conditions)
  • Tarps and Shelters (including canoe shelter and bug shelters)
  • Menu Planning and Pre-food Preparation
  • Camp Cooking (reflector oven, dutch oven, etc.)
  • Fire Building (difficult conditions)
  • Axe, Saw, & Knife Handling & Maintenance
  • Knots (Figure Eight, Butterfly, Fishermans, Prusik Loop, clove-hitch) and Lashing
  • Human Waste Management (latrines, catholes, portable, etc.)
  • Garbage Management (extended for remote area and longer duration)
  • Knowledge
  • Solo and Specialty Canoe tripping Canoes (features, etc.)
  • Rigging a Canoe tripping Canoe for longer periods (portage pads, etc)
  • Tracking, Lining, and Wading (including bridles, etc.)
  • Sails
  • Personal Gear (extended to remote and longer trips)
  • Group Gear (extended to remote and longer trips)
  • Kits (repair, first aid, survival)
  • Equipment Repair (canoes, paddles, tents, packs, etc.)
  • Leave No Trace (LNT)
  • Navigation (map reading, compass use, GPS, low light conditions, fog, natural direction indicators, etc.)
  • Communication Signals & Devices
  • Advanced Trip Planning (pre, trip plan, float plan, risk and crisis management, post trip evaluation, etc.)
  • Trip Reports (log, journal, pre-, during, post-, etc.)
  • Trip Leadership, Crew Responsibilities, Expedition Behaviour, Maintaining Group Harmony, etc.
  • Weather Reading, Resources, Trends, etc.
  • Canoe Routes and Resources
  • Abiotic (identification, information, and resources on non-living features)
  • Biotic (identification, information, and resources on living things, survival food & medicines, etc.)
  • Cultural (historical canoe routes, Canadian Heritage Rivers System)
  • Participation of a Canoe Trip (min. 2 nights)


Activities will be focus on individual safety and comfort. While there is a great deal to learn at this level, the activities should concentrate on personal development, meeting client needs, environment, and an awareness of the need for future learning. Paddlers should leave the course empowered and motivated to canoe trip. They should understand their individual limitations and responsibilities, and be aware of resources that can help grow their skill and knowledge.