Bruce Peninsula National Park: 3-Day Wilderness and Grotto Experience

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Bruce Peninsula National Park: 3-Day Wilderness and Grotto Experience


The Bruce Peninsula is considered one of the most beautiful places in all of Ontario. The crystal clear waters of Georgian Bay crash against the towering cliffs of the escarpment, creating what looks like a tropical paradise here in Ontario. But the real surprise is at night, where hundreds of kilometers from any major city, one can see literally millions of stars light up the night sky. 


Join us and learn the ins and outs of camping, from safely chopping wood to building a fire, putting up a bear hang, and learning about the different gear that you’ll need to safely enjoy the outdoors on your own!

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Locations: Bruce Peninsula National Park      Activity: Hiking, Learning          Difficulty: Introductory/Beginner

Learn to Camp is a three-day camping adventure based at Cyprus Lake. We'll spend the weekend teaching you how to camp, including how to set up your site for maximum comfort, how to chop wood, build fires, and cook using camping equipment. We know that nobody comes to this park that doesn't want to explore its unique beauty, so we'll spend as much time as possible hiking and exploring the one-of-a-kind geology found in this part of Ontario. We’ve spent a lot of time up in the Bruce, and we know some amazing spots that only the locals know about! Of course, no trip to the Bruce would be complete without a hike to the Grotto, one of the most well-known spots in central Ontario. If weather is good and the group is keen, we'll go explore other not-so-often visited gems and get a really unique taste of Bruce Peninsula.  Depending on the group and the weather, we also love walking through the forest and identifying different trees and other plant-life and teach you about how to use the woods. In the evenings, we'll hang out by the campfire roasting marshmallows (and some other delicious gourmet goodies!) and play camp games.

  • Overhang has spend a lot of time sourcing and testing camping gear, and participants on this trip will also have the option of buying the gear that they’ve used at a very discounted price!

  • Custom Dates: We can accommodate many custom dates. Minimum group size of 4 for above mentioned price. Smaller group sizes possible, but price may change.

Trip does not include:

  • Parking at the park if you drive up

  • Personal Gear (toiletries, etc...)

  • Flashlight

  • Lunch on day 1

  • Dinner on day 3

  • Souvenirs

Trip Includes: 

  • Optional Return Transportation from Toronto via Parkbus (see below)

  • Food, drinks and snacks while on trip

  • Friendly, certified and professional staff

  • Group gear (tents, stoves, tarps, etc...)

  • Camping gear rentals (sleeping bags, underpads, etc...)

  • Permits and other fees

  • All safety and First Aid equipment

Day 1 – Arrival and Orientation

Meet us at the Cyprus Lake campground in Bruce Peninsula National Park at 1:00pm. Cyprus Lake is a campground close to Georgian Bay, and is equipped with bathrooms and other facilities.

Your guides will greet you and will conduct an orientation session to better understand the preferences and abilities of everyone in the group, and a safety briefing will also be conducted.

Then the fun starts! Trip participants will go through a series of games to help you get to know your new-found friends and the people you will be sharing this experience with. Then we will then get an opportunity to learn how to pitch tents, build a fire, and set up a camp so that everyone is safe, comfortable and get the most out of the three days ahead.

Day 1 - Cyprus Lake

Once camp is set up and everyone has had a snack, we will embark on a small hike through the Cyprus Lake campground to better get to know the area. In the early evening participants can go for a swim in the lake, play games, or relax by the water. Once everyone has worked up an appetite, we head back to the site to get started on a delicious dinner.

Day 1 – Dinner

Together, we will prepare a tasty vegetarian dinner made from fresh ingredients. It’s amazing what kind of delicious treats can be made over portable stoves and a fire, and we take a lot of pride in our menu! Enjoy our specially selected desserts that we try our best to keep as a surprise.

Day 1 - Campfire and Stargazing

If the skies are clear after the dinner, we will enjoy the clear skies of the Bruce Peninsula - a unique opportunity. The peninsula is surrounded almost entirely by water, without any major towns or cities for miles. The stars here are the best in Southern Ontario. It’s not uncommon to see shooting stars and you can even see the International Space Station. We will point out main stars and planets, and if we are lucky, we may stumble upon Northern Lights! While this is going on, we'll also have a campfire going. Depending on the guide, there may be some guitar playing, some games, and some stories of adventures.

Day 1 - Teachables

  • Setting up tents

  • Setting up tarps

  • Campsite layout

  • Axe handling

  • Building a Fire

  • Bear Hang

Day 2 – Breakfast

We wake up to an amazing cooked breakfast and coffee on the percolator. Ask your guide if they can provide “cowboy coffee” and you’ll be in for a treat! All vegetarian and freshly made.

Day 2 – Hike to the Famous Grotto

After breakfast, your guides will help you pack up and prepare for an amazing day ahead! We're packing lunch, snacks, and whatever we need for the day, because once we leave the site, we're not coming back until the sun goes down.

We leave Cyprus Lake and take the newly upgraded Georgian Bay Trail past Horse Lake, and through the forest towards the cliffs of Georgian Bay. The trail is scenic, but it is nothing for what is about to come. The Bruce Peninsula is lined with cliffs on its eastern and northern shores, and where the water meets the rock, you can see the famous grotto. This is the final leg of the Bruce Trail, and it does not disappoint. Participants will have a chance to explore the area, and those brave enough may even try to take a dip in the crystal clear (but cold!) waters of Georgian Bay.

We’ll have lunch at the Grotto and then take the Bruce Trail along the top of the cliffs to a rock beach nearby. The views over the turquoise water are spectacular, and on a clear day you can even see the flowerpot islands in the distance.

Once we’ve explored the area, we’ll take the forest trail back to camp, and get ready for another night of campfires and games. 

Day 2 – Dinner and Stargazing

We will make our second dinner and will have opportunity to play games, tell stories and share experiences from the day. We stick with the delicious, vegetarian style of cooking for this meal. Typically on this night, we also put together our advanced cooking skills and make a dessert that most would never dream of having while camping.

Day 2 – Teachables

  • Leaving the campsite

  • Hiking Basics

  • Cooking Equipment and Skills

  • Campsite Clean-up and Safety

  • Clothing for Camping

  • Building a Fire (Part 2)

Day 3 – Breakfast

We wake up to the sound of birds, and meet at the campsite for another delicious vegetarian breakfast. Of course there'll also be coffee and tea.

Day 3 – Packing Up

All great things come to an end - in order to ensure that we are ready to leave, we'll pack up the gear and get everything ready after eating breakfast. Once we finish packing up, we'll gauge the time remaining before the trip comes to a close. This is a perfect time to take some last minute photos of yourself and your new friends to remember the memories. We may end up playing a few games to wind down the trip too. Let's not forget to ask any remaining questions you may have before saying our final goodbyes to the guides.

Day 3 – Teachables

  • Leave Nothing Behind

  • Information on Gear

  • Information on different types of camping

The Optional Return Transportation from Toronto is organized in Partnership with Parkbus