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An Adventurer's Guide to Success (Keynote)

Students face a lot of pressure in high school. Pressure to keep up their grades, maintain their friendships, and appease their parents. Many students believe that one bad paper or exam might dictate the rest of their life. With so much going on, it is sometimes difficult to see the bigger picture, and it is easy to forget about the things that are truly important to them. 

Amir acknowledges this pressure on students, having gone through years of post-secondary education, and eventually opting for a life as a professional adventurer. 

Through inspiring and often hilarious tales of adventure, mishap and successes, Amir takes students through the process of pursuing their passion.  He's experienced the benefits of patience and persistence, as he created a life of adventure for himself and those around him. Amir uses appropriate humour, storytelling, and riveting multimedia to reach and engage students. 

Amir holds 2 university degrees and understands the importance of higher learning. He is currently the owner of Overhang Adventures Inc, and Outdoor Adventure School. 

Topics Covered

  • Walking Into Spider Webs - Doing what you must, to do what you love
  • Accountabilabuddies - No one succeeds alone
  • Following Strays - Taking calculated risks
  • Doctor vs. Adventurer - Making tough decisions
  • Endless Hikes in the Mountains - Practicing patience

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An Adventurer's Guide to Success (Workshop)

This hands-on workshop takes students through the process of discovering their passions and gives them the tools to become more skilled at what they love to do. Amir walks students through his personal journey of going from medical school to becoming a professional adventurer in order to live a life of passion. 

Students today have to make a great deal of tough decisions. Through the techniques used in this workshop, students will develop the tools to look at their options through an analytical lens and make informed decisions. 

With the help of stories from his adventures, students gain an appreciation for the methodology used to help make tough decisions, and to become more skilled at their passions. 

Topics covered

  • Northern Lights Discovery Process - Rationally deciding between tough choices
  • Cliff Jumping - Committing to your goals
  • 500 Extra Hours - Incrementally improving yourself