Seb Morgenroth

Sebastian Morgenroth - Guide/Media Guru

Some Cool Facts

1. My family emigrated from Germany a few years before I was born, and spoke German primarily at home until I was in high school.

2. Before I was 10 years old I had my passport stamped in more than 10 different countries.

3. I spend my free time riding a kid’s bicycle; I am 6’6”….

4. I have spent 3 months living in a tent.

5. I transferred from a Science-based university program into the Outdoor adventure leadership field

Seb Morgenroth hanging out by a fire in Killarney

Some Notable Adventures

1.    The “Cool”lounge River ’16 (Coulonge River, QC): The Trip was 12 days long right at the beginning of June and really set the tone as to what I wanted to get out of my time off of school.

2.    European Tandem Tour ’02 (Scotland to Germany): This trip happened in 2002 when I was only 8 years old but one of my more predominant memories of spending time in the outdoors. We found campsites, fields, or even quiet parks to spend the night and would push up to 120km in a day at one point. The memory of this trip reminds me that if I could ride a bicycle a distance of over 2500km in three months, then I can carry a canoe another 500m or kilometer to the end of the portage.

3.    Voyageur Canoe Trip ’15 (Voyageur Channel to Killarney): This was a 4-day white water canoe trip from Wahnapitae to Killarney with fellow classmates in my program and was one of my first white water trips that I have had the pleasure to go on.

4.    Heaven’s Gate ’16: This trip was again 4 days long, this time however we climbed across the La Cloche ridge through the breathtaking landscape of Killarney. We eventually descended down Heaven’s Gate, an awe-inspiring broken-rock staircase that climbs its way through a 50+meter canyon. This is a view that has been engrained in my memories for years to come.

Seb Morgenroth tending to a fire in Killarney

List of outdoor related certs/courses

  • Wilderness First-Aid Responder
  • Standard First-Aid and CPR
  • R3 White Water Rescuer
  • Advanced Canoe Tripping
  • Beginner Canoe Tripping
  • AST level 1 Avalanche Awareness Cert.
  • Flat-water/Canadian Style Paddling
  • Survival in the Bush survival course completion
  • Sea Kayaking Paddle Canada Level 2
Seb Morgenroth prepare some meals for the guests

I am currently finishing my studies at Laurentian University. The first two years I was in Liberal Sciences, and after the second summer I thought my pursuits were being better achieved in the Outdoor Adventure Leadership program. Originally born in Hamilton, Ontario, I moved to Niagara Falls when I was just two years old. This became the city I would call home for the next two decades.

One of the passions I have that got me introduced to the outdoors is my love for BMX and skateboarding. These two sports showed me that an “outdoor environment” is not necessary to achieve the same mental state as being in the bush. Through my initial interest in exploring the urban environment on my bike, I have grown my skill-sets and broadened my horizon to the activities available to me from then on.

I have an undying enthusiasm for the outdoors and look forwards to each next adventure, in which I can have my own mini-escape to calm and collect myself. I strive to apply this same mentality to any personal time I can in order to soak in the senses of my environment whether in an urban setting or in the wild parts of the world.