Sarah Hamilton – Guide and Client Relations

Some Cool Facts:

  1. From a large family with 4 siblings and over 30 cousins. Very used to being around people and loves it!
  2. Is known to always have a little sass in her.
  3. Loves eating food, although might not be great at making it
  4. Teaching and the outdoors are her two passions
  5. Went to Mongolia to go mountaineering and assist in humanitarian efforts

Chillin' with the squad in Thailand

Some Notable Adventures:

  • Heaven’s Gate: 4 days long, climbed across the La Cloche ridge in Killarney

  • Mountaineering Trip: 1 month long, two weeks in the Altai Mountains, summiting 3 peaks and practicing glacial travel, two weeks in the small communitiy of Bayan-Ölgii working on humanitarian projects

  • Voyageur Canoe Trip: 4-day white water canoe trip from Wahnapitae to Killarney

  • Guiding trips in Bruce Peninsula National Park, Killarney Provincial Park, Algonquin Provincial Park for the past three years, rain or shine (or snow!)


The snowflakes are attacking!


List of Outdoor Certifications

  • Wilderness First-Aid Responder
  • Standard First-Aid and CPR
  • Intermediate White Water Paddling
  • Survival in the Bush survival course completion
  • Swift Water Rescue with R3
  • NLS

Growing up, you could always find me outside running around with grass stains on clothes and dirt all over my face. It’s normal to have grass stains on every pair of pants right? I was always outside, and naturally started cross country running to go through trails in the woods. There's an incredible feeling that you get when submerged in nature, and running through the forest let me feel that. Following my love of teaching, I registered into Education in university. I wanted to follow my love of the outdoors as well though, so I found myself enrolled in education in a specialized Human Kinetics program called Outdoor Adventure Leadership. It’s been adventure after adventure ever since! I try to be positive at all times and I’m certain the outdoors is for me. Sharing my love with others is how I will teach.

I have now graduated with my degree in Physical and Health Education with a specialization in Outdoor Adventure Leadership and am currently attending Teacher's College to complete my goals!

Enjoying the fall