How do I put up a tarp? Part 4

This is our fourth in a series on tarps. Stay dry!

The Circus Tent: This is one of the more ambitious systems and it only works with a large tarp. First, throw a rope over a high tree branch. Tie one end to the centre of the tarp (you can do this by wrapping a bit of tarp around a small object like a woodchip, and tying the rope around that), and pull it up a few feet. Next, tie another rope to a nearby tree, and secure the other end to a section of the first rope a couple feet about where it connects to the tarp. This second rope will allow you to pull the first rope away from the original tree and towards a clearing. Lift the tarp a few more feet, and then tie the corners to pegs in the ground. Confused?

Tarp 4 - 1.png