Winter Camping Dessert – Maple Syrup on Snow

If you’ve ever been winter camping, you’ll know that one of the biggest highlights of the trip is always the food. Unlike a summer trip, winter trips force you to constantly move in order to stay warm, and by the time dinner comes along, most people are very, very hungry. Fortunately, because of all the calories being burnt, you can pretty well eat anything you like.

One of my favorite winter desserts is frozen maple syrup on snow. Creating this is very simple.

  1. Get some small sticks from the woods, about 9 inches long and the width of a small finger
  2. Strip off the bark and clean the stick as best you can.
  3. Find a patch of fresh virgin snow, and make sure it’s clean.
  4. Drizzle a thin line of maple syrup on the snow. Make the line a couple of feet long.
  5. Let it sit for a few seconds. This will allow it to solidify.
  6. Grab your stick, and start rolling the semi-frozen maple syrup around the end of the stick.
  7. Eat it
  8. Repeat

The only issue with this is that sometimes the snow is not very clean. Try your best to find a patch of snow that is fresh, and free of signs of debris or animal tracks. And of course, if you see a yellowish line in the snow next your lines of syrup, it’s probably best to avoid eating it.

Syrup - 1.png