What are some good winter camping games?

A great way to stay warm in the winter is by moving around and burning calories. If you’re moving around and having fun, a temperature of -10-degrees Celsius (or 263.15 Kelvin) can feel almost tropical!

Being constantly on the move can be difficult though, so here are some games to keep you going.

Note: Be sure to wear layers and remove articles of clothing as you warm up. If you overheat, you’re going to sweat, and this moisture is going to make things REALLY cold later on at night. Make sure your clothing is polyester or wool, and does not trap a lot of moisture.

Build a snow fort

Shovelling snow is an incredible workout, and one of the fastest ways you can warm up on a cold day. This is my own personal go-to when I wake up early in the morning on a winter camping trip. For quick relief from the cold, I just grab the nearest shovel and start moving. After about 20 seconds I start to warm up.

Even better than random shovelling (weird, right?) is shovelling with a purpose, and there is no better purpose than building a snow fort. If you haven’t built a snow fort since you were a kid, you may not realize it, but snow fort construction and architecture has come a long way. Think of all the things you can do better now that you are an adult, and apply the same logic to building snow forts. What you can (and should) end up with is a fully defensible stronghold, complete with snow launchers, draw bridges, and if you get around to it, a working public transit system. Now all you need is an enemy.

Snow - 1.png

Snowshoe racing

Moving around in snowshoes is absolutely necessary in deep snow, but also makes getting around a lot harder. Although walking around in snowshoes isn’t always enough to warm you up, running certainly is, and racing even more so. Just make sure the snow is deep enough that you won’t get hurt if you fall down.

Football (for large groups)

Touch or tackle football is much, much safer in waist deep snow, and allows you to burn a lot of calories very quickly. It’s also a ton of fun, since the soft ground makes the whole game relatively consequence-free. Just make sure you have an extra change of clothing in case you get snow down your shirt.