Review - Mountain Hardwear – Ghost Lite Jacket

MSRP: $120 CAD


Probably the lightest article of clothing most people could own, highly wind resistant, packs down to nothing, some water resistance, made with ripstop material, 2 zippered hand pockets, hood


Not rainproof, not durable


Athletic cut

Would I recommend?

This jacket is the type of thing that once you get it, you’ll simply carry with you everywhere you go. It weighs only 3 ounces (94 grams), fits anywhere, and provides you with the added reassurance that if you need some wind or slight rain protection, you’ll be covered. This thing literally lives on the back of my harness, and whenever I’m belaying and I need that extra bit of coverage, I toss it on. When I’m about to start a climb, I throw it back onto my harness, and when I reach the top of the climb, I’m able to protect myself against the wind without needing to lug up my much heavier and bulkier proshell. I’ve used this jacket on countless multi-pitch routes and I’ve been exceptionally thankful to have it. There have been times where I’m perched on a ledge for 40 minutes while my climbing partner comes up to me, all the while, without this jacket, the wind would have been slicing through me.

Asides from climbing, I’ve thrown this jacket on while biking in the city, while walking around, and even while jogging. It’s such a lightweight wind layer, that as long as I am not worried about potentially having to go trees or other brush that might put a hole through the jacket, I’ll typically just take it with me. If I don’t need it, I’ll stuff it into whatever pants pocket I’m wearing.

The biggest downside to this jacket are natural consequences of what makes it awesome. In order to be so lightweight, the material needs to be thin. When I say thin, I mean so thin that if I were to call it “paper-thin”, I would be insulting it. Because of that, it’s not difficult to tear the material if you go through some thick brush. That said, if you recognize that you have this limitation and make sure not to take it through thick brush, the jacket should last you a while.

The next downside is that it’s not waterproof, so you can’t rely on this as your only weather layer. It is somewhat rain resistant, and I have been caught in some light rain with it, but overall, I wouldn’t recommend using it as a rainjacket.

There isn’t a lot more to say about this thing. It’s a really sweet absurdly lightweight windbreaker with a bit of rain resistance. Don’t run through trees with it, but asides from that, very much worth the pricetag.

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