What are some good maps I can use for Ontario camping?

If you’re doing any canoeing or hiking in Algonquin Park, Killarney Provincial Park, or the Temagami area, our favorite map is Jeff’s Map. Jeff’s Map includes canoe routes with distances and projected travel times, annotated with tips and details. So far these maps have proven to be extremely useful on many of my trips.

Other maps exist for Algonquin and some of the other parks, but none that I have found are as accurate and detailed as these.

If you’re going off the beaten track, there is always the option of using a topographical map. These are available for free download online at jeffstopos.com, or numerous other online resources. 

These maps give a very detailed topographical map of all of Canada, broken down into smaller maps that you can print and use on your trips. Literally every inch of land on the globe is covered by these maps, and on jeffstopos.com you can find all of Canada. Unlike the maps of Algonquin and other parks, these maps are not annotated with any information like canoe routes or portages, but if you’re going off the beaten track, you should expect to be roughing it. Our suggestion is to print these maps, have them laminated, and bring along a marker to annotate them as you go. In this way, you can effectively make a map that you can use for future trips to the area.

A view of all of the topographical maps of southern Ontario.