Review - Mec Soft Synthetic Liner Mummy - Unisex


Item: Mec Soft Synthetic Liner Mummy - Unisex

Price: 40.00

Rating: 4.5 of 5

Pros: Soft, warm

Cons: No zipper

            Your sleeping bag is warm enough… most of the time. On those nights in early summer or in fall when it gets a little chillier it’s nice to have a little back up in the toasty warm department.

            I first got my fleece liner for winter camping. My sleeping bag was good enough that I wouldn’t freeze at night, but I would still wake up a little chilly. With the fleece liner however I stayed toasty warm all night. After a few cold nights in early summer I discovered my liner was good in all seasons, not just winter. Since then I’ve spent some very comfortable and cozy nights in early summer and fall with my liner inside my sleeping bag.

             When using the liner with my summer sleeping bag I have to pack the liner separately from my sleeping bag because my sleeping bag compression sack isn’t large enough for both items. I pack my liner with my clothes in a dry bag and my sleeping bag in a separate dry bag. It does take a bit of room, but it you are not concerned about ultra lightweight this shouldn’t be an issue. My winter sleeping bag compression sack is a lot bigger so I can keep my liner tucked in with my sleeping bag when winter camping.   

            I have the mummy version of the fleece liner; there is also a rectangular option that is slightly more expensive. The biggest difference between the rectangular and the mummy is a zipper. The mummy liner does not have a zipper. This can make getting in and out of your sleeping bag set up a little more interesting. One fun example that comes to mind for me is an experience I had sleeping in a quinzee while winter camping. We unfortunately didn’t make our ceiling high enough so we couldn’t sit up straight in the quinzee. We were also fairly squished, so moving around a lot wasn’t an option. Having to take a nature break in the middle of the night, wiggling out of my mummy liner while in a half sit up, and trying not wake up others was not an easy task. For this reason I would consider the rectangular liner with a zipper, or if your sleeping bag is a rectangular bag the rectangular liner would also be a good option.

            At Overhang Adventures we use liners with our sleeping bags in all seasons. You have the option of using it to snuggle up to if you are chilly, or you can use it as a pillow if you’re a warm sleeper. If you are a cold sleeper you can rest assured that you will not be cold on an Overhang trip.