Georgian Bay North Coast - 3 to 4 Days

Just south of Killarney Provincial Park on the north shore of Georgian Bay, there is a large Island called Philip Edward Island. Although the ground is rock, and the weather can be rough, the scenery is spectacular, with waves crashing against windswept white pines, and thousands of smooth stone islands dotting the north shore of the bay.

The put in is the head of the Chikanishing trail, south of highway 637, just east of the entrance to George Lake. From here you can take the river to the entrance to Georgian Bay, or you can portage.

Depending on the wind, you can decide to circle the entire island, stick to the sheltered portion to the north, or explore the islands in the bay itself. There is no set route here, and how you can choose to see as much or as little as you want. Keep in mind the wind can be rough, so plan extra time to get back to the put in on your last day.

Georgian Bay 2.png

Highlights: The major highlight of this trip is the scenery. The north shore of Georgian Bay is unlike anything else in Ontario, and is absolutely worth taking the trip. On a warm and calm summer day, the area is an absolute paradise.

Downsides: The wind on Georgian Bay can be intense, creating large waves that can make canoeing or kayaking hazardous. Be extremely careful when paddling, and do not attempt this route unless you have a good amount of experience. The island itself is rocky, so putting down tent pegs is very difficult, and sleeping can be uncomfortable if you do not have a decent mattress. Despite all of this, the scenery really is worth it!