Camping Game - Extreme Frisbee Golf

Frisbee Golf is an excellent game that you can create and play with as little as two people on any camping trip. All you need is a Frisbee.

The first part of the game is the set up. Each player takes turn finding a landmark in the woods that will act as the “hole”. It does not actually need to be a hole, but rather can be anything, including a tree branch, a rock, a rope hanging off of a tree, an island in a lake, or anything relatively stationary that can be found in the woods. These items act as the hole would in a game of golf. In other words, each player throws their Frisbee towards this landmark until they are able to hit it. The player who can hit it in the fewest throws wins the round. Much like golf, the winner of the match is the person who was able to complete the course in the fewest total throws. Winning one “hole” is great, but it’s the cumulative score that counts.

Back to the set up. Players take turns identifying landmarks, starting at the previous landmark. So, if the first landmark is a tree stump, the second “hole” will have players starting at the stump, and throwing to a different landmark that is chosen in advance. Depending on the number of people and the length of time available, you can have anywhere between 1 and 18 holes (and possibly more if you really, really like this kind of thing!). It is a good idea to vary the difficulty of the holes and the terrain in order to keep things interesting.

Once the course is set up, it’s game time! If you only have 1 Frisbee, each player completes the entire “hole” before the next player starts. If you have multiple discs, you can alternate shots. If the course is set up correctly, you should travel a good distance away from your campsite, and play over some different terrains, including forest, beach, water, cliff, mountain, iceberg, and whatever else you have available. Be careful though, icebergs are cold.

Frisbee - 1.png

Frisbee Golf is a great way to spend time on a camping trip, and is an excellent game to play if you need to entertain a bunch of kids for a few hours. Setting up the course takes as much time as playing, and the whole process is a lot of fun!

Frisbee - 2.png