Kris Harley on rappel taking some videos of clients rock climbing

Kris Harley - Videographer/Guide

Some cool facts

  1. Creator of Post-Normalcore
  2. Movie Production Master
  3. Lucid Dreamer, can barely control real life
  4. Drummer for Straight Goods and Band Called Man(Ultra Rare Cover Band)
  5. Amazingly Handsome and Modest

Kris Harley hanging out in a shelter during the Wildermed Conference

Some notable Adventures

  1. Sea Kayaking Georgian Bay
  2. Kessagami Lake to Partridge River Canoe Trip
  3. Lacloche Mountains Hiking Trip
  4. North Tea region Algonquin Canoe Trip
  5. French River to Georgian Bay Canoe Trip

Kris Harley about to drop into a set of rapids

List of Outdoor certifications

  • Wilderness Survival
  • Wildermed Conference
  • Wilderness First Responder (WFR)
  • ORCKA Canadian Style Paddling Level 1a
  • ORCKA Moving Water Canoeing Level 1a
  • Paddle Canada Kayaking Level 1
  • Rescue For River Runners Pro
  • Rock climbing facilitation
  • Bronze Cross
  • Basic Smooching

Kris Harley hiking along the LaCloche Mountain Range

Probably the most serious and downbeat of all the guides, Kris is not a fan of humour or loud noises, makes sure all his clients are in bed by 7:15 pm, and ends every evening with a read through of the program from his favourite Broadway Play, Cats(1982).  Also Sarcasm is not allowed.  

Emerging from the Mt. Nemo caves, no one is really sure where Kris Harley's hair ends and his beard begins