Katie chillin on top of the world

Katie Fenerty - Guide

5 Cool Facts:

  1. Once spent four days trapped on a train across Canada with only bananas for sustenance.
  2. Saw THE holographic Tupac in the middle of the desert @ Coachella 2012. He lives!
  3. Once acted as a stunt double for a six year old boy in a major motion picture.
  4. Grew up in a log house lovingly constructed by my dad’s two hands. Ironically, the logs look like banana chips...I don’t even like bananas I swear.
  5. Hiked the perimeter of a lake inside an active volcano, without shoes on. I was wearing sandals. Just kidding I was bare feet! 

I fell down...


5 Cool Trips:

  1. 5 day cycling trip across the province of P.E.I. (275km tip-to-tip) on a tandem bicycle built somewhere in and around the 1970’s.
  2. 12 day river trip down the Coulonge River in Quebec: complete with lots of gnarly rapids I didn’t run, chasing yellow butterflies, and building labyrinths out of pinecones.
  3. 4 day LaCloche autumn backpacking trip (it snowed), followed by a 4 day Cartier winter camping trip (it was + several ˚C).
  4. Not really a trip per say...but spent three Northern Ontario months talking to no one but blackflies, planting a daily average of 2,000 tree saplings.
  5. 30 days hiking, surfing, beachcombing, hammock-lounging and stray dog-petting in coastal Ecuador. 

Is there a window open? I feel a breeze...


List of Outdoor Certifications:

  • St. John’s Ambulance Standard First Aid, CPR C, and AED Training
  • Survival in the Bush Inc. Wilderness Survival Training
  • Sirius Wilderness First Responder Certification
  • Intro to Community Coaching Certificate: Cross Country Skiing
  • R3 Pro White Water Technician Certification
  • ORCKA Level 3 Canoe Tripping Certification
  • ORCKA 1A River Running Certification
  • Paddle Canada Canadian Style Canoeing Certification
  • Backcountry Navigation Level 1 (Leaders of the Day)
  • Avalanche Safety Training Level 1 (Ski Chic Chocs)
  • Professional Dog Cuddling Certification – Master Level

You know those kids that look sort of scraggly because they don’t brush their hair, like to roll in dirt and are always eating something weird? That was basically me. It only got worse when we moved out to the ol’ log house because now I had a pet dog, and we could basically go anywhere and do anything together. Soon I was modeling most of my behaviours after him. Pooping in the woods, eating off the ground, drinking straight from dirty puddles.

Summers were spent racing my siblings up the sand mounds in the gravel pit behind our house, paddling around the lake in a pedal boat offering neighbours tractor-tire tube rides for a nickel, and trying to catch a catfish by its whiskers down on the dock. Winters were spent bambi-ing all over the place on those old-school no-spike snowshoes, building injury-inducing snowboard jumps in the super steep yard next door, and skating the ice path plowed by a fellow lake-dweller.

All these playful memories shaped who I am today, and how I approach my relationship with the outdoors. Although my goofy old dog is gone, I’ve been exploring with a new and infinitely wise comrade. She speaks to me through the wind, she reveals to me the cycles and intricacies of everything out of doors, and she reminds me to firmly ground myself wherever I’m adventuring. My friend nature is the most beautiful friend I know!

So beautiful, that my focus often shifts to the aesthetic beauty that she offers. On trip, you might find me scribbling and sketching away in a notebook trying to capture what I see. I look forward to taking you to some awesome places, pointing out some of nature’s whimsical nuances, and sharing plenty of bad jokes as we go along! 

My happy place