Julia Bitan shows off her balancing skills as she portages her canoe in McCrae Lake

Julia Bitan - Super Woman Extraordinaire

Some Cool Facts

  1. Loves warmth and the sun
  2. Speaks English, Hebrew and Russian fluently, and French not so fluently
  3. Works with animals when not playing outside
  4. Loves good homemade hummus
  5. Almost always smiles, unless she's angry... then you run from the flying shoes...

Julia Bitan standing at the top of a mountain in France

Some notable adventures

  1. Hiked the national trail of Israel
  2. Scuba Dived with dolphins
  3. Countless solo canoe trips with her dog, Kaya
  4. Couchsurfed across France
  5. Spent a continuous week climbing the steep sandstone cliffs of Kentucky


Julia is awesome at camping, cooking and making people laugh. Her radiant energy will make you want wear sunglasses. Her sense of humor is not the greatest but she tries, and can typically succeed making at least one person laugh, even if that one person is herself. She spends as much time as possible outside because she loves it. Especially when it’s sunny. She is also a rock star when it comes to keeping other folks organized and is one of the main reasons that Overhang is as awesome as it is (last sentence written by the owner).