Eric Plant crushing the turbulent chute of the Elora Gorge

Eric Plant - Director of Sales and Marketing

Some cool facts

  1. Eric has lived in two countries, has been to over twenty-five, and has led trips in two.
  2. He speaks 2 languages fluently, one badly, and many others incomprehensibly.
  3. He is an expert skier, and poses a serious challenge to anyone looking to beat him in Badminton.
  4. He lives in Toronto with his wife and occasionally offers up his home to needy dogs who are awaiting adoption.
  5. The closest anyone has ever come to beating Eric at Monopoly was Amir Fishman, who, after playing for over five hours and emptying two game boxes worth of money, was forced to call a draw. Eric retaliated some time later by conquering Amir’s Asian armies in a game of Risk.

Eric Plant hanging out in Killarney Provincial Park

Some notable adventures:

  1. Spent a week riding a motorcycle through the northern mountains of Thailand.
  2. Came 5 feet from skiing off the edge of a 50 foot cliff in British Columbia after accidentally skiing out of bounds.
  3. Ran off the edge of a mountain in Austria, with a parachute strapped to his back.
  4. Stared down a jellyfish that was thinking of stinging him in the Indian Ocean.
  5. Rode a helicopter through the floodway of a dam in Northern Quebec.

When I was a kid, we used to have to walk  in waist-high snow both ways uphill to school...

List of Outdoor Certifications

  • Advanced Wilderness First Aid

Eric Plant ferociously crushing some white water

Greatest achievement:

Eric has known Mr. Fishman for a long time. For many years, Mr. Fishman would ask Eric to come rock climbing, and Eric would respond with a polite “No Thanks”. One day, unbeknownst to Mr. Fishman, Eric decided to take up the sport. He spent a month working on his technique, and eventually took a job at one of the local rock climbing gyms to further hone his skills.

On an Ice Climbing trip with Mr. Fishman - ice climbing being a very different sport than rock climbing - Eric asked a lot of silly questions about knots, and then challenged Mr. Fishman to a bet: If Eric could climb an intermediate route on his “first time” indoor climbing, he would win an ice cream. Mr. Fishman confidently took the bet knowing that no beginner could make the climb. Eric rocketed up the route on his first try - which was actually his tenth time climbing that particular route - and won himself a delicious ice cream. Soon after, Eric quit his job at the gym and retired from rock climbing forever.

Eric Plant sexily standing beneath a waterfall