Cyril Francis jumping for joy in South America

Cyril Francis - Guide

Some cool facts:  

  1. I have taken 4 4-month long trips to various places in the world by myself.
  2. Have a minor addiction to rock climbing
  3. Studied to be an engineer but have decided to follow my passions and pursue an unrelated masters
  4. Had a period in my life where for 6 years I didn't live in the same city for more than 4 months
  5. Social justice and the outdoors are my two passions

Cyril Francis hanging out with a random dog that decided to join him on the hike

Some Notable Adventures:

  1. 12 day climbing trip to Kentucky
  2. 8 day hike in the Huayhuash range in the Andes
  3. 4 day Motorcycle trip in Cambodia
  4. 2 week climbing trip to Tonsai, Thailand
  5. Twice have spent over one and a half months 3300 meters above sea level

Cyril Francis coming across a moose in Algonquin Park

List of Outdoor Certifications

  • Advanced Wilderness First Aid

Cyril Francis making a very exposed move in Tonsai, Thailand

The outdoors are where I belong. I graduated from Mechanical Engineering but did not like the idea of sitting behind a desk for much of my life. I have recently decided that I do, however want to continue living as a student so I will be pursuing my masters in Environmental Studies and trying to merge my two passions: Social Justice and the Outdoors. Both of these currently play a very big role in my life and I will always make time for them. Both of these areas have only become passions over the last 3 or 4 years, but I can see myself very happily working in either of these areas for a long time to come!

Cyril Francis enjoying a paddle as the sun starts to make its way down