Algonquin Intro to Camping Trip July 1-3

Three days. Thats all it takes to fall in love with camping. This three day front country camping trip is the ideal setting to learn new skills and be able to practice them. Fifteen excited and perhaps a little anxious people started off on a journey to discover Canadas backyard in Algonquin Park. 

Day one started off a little wet but with everyone remaining in good spirits we were able to get all the tents and tarps up before things got really soggy. Everyone was so open to learn new skills, and there is never a shortage of things to learn on trip. We were able to teach various knots and when to use them, such as the truckers hitch when tying a tarp, wood chopping skills with an axe, and how to light a stove for cooking. After dinner and a quick clean up, those who were tired were free to wander off to bed and those with a little more energy enjoyed some competitive Dominos and card playing by headlamp. 

Day two started off with not a cloud in the sky. Breakfast burritos were a welcome sight to the hungry and were quickly devoured. By 10:30am we were at the beach ready to set off on our first canoe outing. With beautiful sunshine and the wind at our backs, our clients practiced canoe skills and we were off down Whitefish Lake. We paddled to a hiking trail that lead us to a lookout so we could see all the Whitefish Lake and soak up the beautiful Canadian wilderness. Afternoon well spent! By the time we got back to our campsite everyone we excited to help out with cooking and more wood chopping. Having dinner by the fire, roasting Hot Dogs, and making S'mores and banana boats were a perfect way to end the day for some. For other, a midnight paddle with a 180-degree view of the Milky Way was the ideal way to end the day. 

Day three was the nicest of all, even if the morning consisted of packing up the equipment and getting ready to go, everyone was still in good spirits. By 11:00am we were all packed up (including our lunches), so we went down to the beach for one last bask in the sun and paddle. Our farewell was a little melancholy yet seeing all the smiles as we waved goodbye was a perfect end to a great trip.