Bruce Peninsula Camping Trip Journal - July 1-3, 2016

Happy Canada Day! What better way to enjoy Canada's birthday then seeing beautiful views that Canada has to offer!

Super Stats

Location: Bruce Peninsula Cyprus Lake Front Country Camping Trip

Dates: July 1-3 Canada Day Long Weekend

Weather: Rainy Day one, but worth it to enjoy hot and sunny weather the rest of the weekend

Favourite Moments: Star gazing, swimming in Georgian Bay

Rain, rain, go away! I’m singing in my head on the bus ride up to Tobermory’s Cyprus Lake, Bruce Peninsula. Rain is nice and refreshing but when you need to set up tents and get a campsite organized, it can be tough. Especially with new campers, who haven't had the opportunity to pitch a tent before. Nervously getting to the campsite in the pouring rain, I was delighted to see everyone’s spirits were high! Hoods up and eager to help, they learned what to do and started setting up their tents and the whole site. After setting up, the rain went away and we were all set to enjoy the weekend with the toughest chunk of time now behind us!

Spirits high sharing laughter as the rain stops and the sun stays to play!

Spirits high sharing laughter as the rain stops and the sun stays to play!

Beautiful trails leading to the Grotto

Beautiful trails leading to the Grotto

We started off with a walk along Cyprus Lake. We looked at all the trees and plants and admired the clarity of the lake’s water. This was an exceptionally special trip because someone in our group had a hobby that helped make our trip to the Bruce Peninsula beyond memorable. While walking along the lake, we kept looking for spots of open sky. Our group member’s hobby is astronomy and she even brought her own telescope to share with the group! We eventually found a nice area very open and perfect for star gazing. Everyone headed back to the campsite and we enjoyed some wonderful dinner and then went to check out the stars! The night sky was clear and the stars were incredible! Our resident astronomer made this even more special by sharing with us her knowledge, setting up her telescope and letting us see  into space like I'd never seen it before. It was truly truly magical! After a few hours of this, we all went to sleep with smiles on our faces.

Waking up is always easier with food ready and a hot drink on its way and so I woke up a little earlier to get that going for everyone! We stuffed some delicious breakfast burritos in us and got ready for the big day ahead. Once packed up and ready, we headed out on our hike to the Grotto and Indian Head Cove, along the way admiring all the different trees and rock formations.

What a sight! Arriving at Indian Head Cove is breathtaking. We explored and found a spot for lunch. Enjoying the view and warmth we head to the water and go for a swim. It’s a little chilly (read "a lot chilly") but fun nonetheless! The swimming continued for some when we made our way to the world famous Grotto and ventured into the cave. It was stunning to see how the rock was shaped into this gorgeous cave but the cherry on top was the magnificent colour of the water of Georgian Bay flowing around and inside the cave. 

With clear blue water like that everyone is grabbing a great photo op!

Our journey continued with more incredible views while we continued the hike and made it to pebble beach to make some classic Canadian inuksuks. Hiking back from the full day was lovely but after it all, it was nice to relax and take it easy for a while. Everyone had an hour or so to just relax. Laying in tents or sitting on a picnic bench enjoying the sun shine and peaceful sounds of the wind in the trees and birds nearby was just what everyone needed. Getting out of the city you finally hear the music of nature's orchestra.

Dinner was delicious with some fun “spider dog” (hot dog) appetizers. Afterwards, we sat and chatted by the fire until it was really dark and the stars had come up. Then we headed over to our star gazing spot and learned about different stars and saw true beauty of Canada. Two incredible nights.

The third and final day had come. We set up breakfast and were having a relaxing morning sitting around the picnic table. While eating breakfast, some enjoyed seconds (and others going for thirds aha). Someone, however, thought they weren't getting their fair share... Before we knew it a squirrel had jumped up on the table to join us and grab his breakfast for the day! For the next while we had this squirrel running around trying to grab some of our food! He was a fearless little guy coming right up close to us. Eventually he actually succeeded and managed to grab a cookie from us! It was Squirrel - 1, Us - 0. Maybe next time we will just eat all the cookies early to solve the problem!

Overall, this trip was a fantastic way to experience and celebrate Canada with new friends, new memories, and new adventures!

Sincerely your guide,