Sun's gone? Socks on!

Pack extra layers!

Camping in the summer is always a treat. You know, when it's sunny and 30 degrees, you enjoy every bit of being outside, and jump in the water whenever possible. The one tricky part is that when the forecast is calling for high's of 30, people tend to forget that you can never escape the cold in Canada!


Even when it’s nice and hot during the day, it tends to cool off at night - which is perfect to help us sleep. The only catch is that between the hours of sunset and sleep-time, without the proper layers, you'll be stuck to huddling around the fire. Also, if you get up bright and early to enjoy as much of the day as possible, it tends to be quite cold. You have to give the sun a chance to come up and heat the place up. While you're getting that morning fire started and coffee in you, it can be pretty cold. This is why I always recommend extra layers!

I’ve never regretted bringing a couple extra pairs of socks and a warm sweater for the cold nights and mornings. So as nice and warm as you know it will be during the day, just remember sun's gone? Socks on!

When staying warm, it is better to pack several lighter layers rather than one big thick layer. It is beneficial to have a thin base layer, then a mid layer, and continue on until you are warm. This way while your moving around and get a little warmer, you can take layers off as you need to regulate your temperature.  

Also while choosing these warm layers to keep you safe from the cold, remember that wool stays warm even when cold unlike cotton, and merino wool is a nice light wool that you can find that works incredibly well. It doesn't have the same itch-factor that regular wool does, but also costs a substantial amount more than regular wool.