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Amir Fishman - Director/Head Guide/Head Instructor

Some cool facts:

  1. Speaks 5 languages (3 of them fluently, 2 of them passably)
  2. Has 2 university degrees: 1 in Psychology and Writing, the other in Human Kinetic, specializing in Outdoor Adventure Leadership
  3. Pitched a prospector tent with a wood-burning stove on the inside in the woods and lived there throughout his last semester of school for the fun of it
  4. Has an awesome little sister, who is often his fashion adviser and let's him know when his beard is getting out of control (for when he spends time in the city)
  5. Plays drums for the underground movement #TrainReaction (check it out on twitter, instagram and youtube)

Amir Fishman hiking up to an ice climb in Thunder Bay

Some notable adventures:

  1. 3-week rock climbing trip climbing in Yosemite National Park
  2. 10-days in the Arctic teaching Inuit wilderness first aid in Nunavut
  3. 14-day white water canoe expedition traveling into the Arctic circle
  4. 5-day solo sea kayaking trip off the South shores of Nova Scotia
  5. 3-month internship helping lead river and mountain trips in Hokkaido, Japan to Japanese clients
  6. 10-day solo cycling trip through the mountains of Gunma, Japan

Amir Fishman climbing Time Wave Zero in El Potrero Chico, Mexico

List of outdoor certifications

  • Wilderness First Aid Instructor (Sirius Wilderness Medicine)
  • Single Pitch Rock Climbing Guide and Instructor (PCGI)
  • Advanced Canoe Tripping Instructor (Paddle Canada)
  • Intermediate Lakewater Canoe Instructor (Paddle Canada)
  • BLS/AED/CPR/First Aid/Anaphylaxis Instructor (Heart and Stroke Foundation)
  • Rescue for River Runners - Professional (Rescue-3 International)
  • Wilderness Survival Instructor (WSC Wilderness Survival)
  • Canoeing Moving Water level 1b (ORCKA)
  • Sea Kayaking level 1 (Paddle Canada)
  • NLS Lifeguard (Lifesaving Society - expired)

Amir Fishman hanging out above the treeline in Northern Quebec

Amir Fishman was once on the path to becoming a medical doctor. Instead, he decided he’d prefer to white water canoe into the Arctic Ocean, sleep on the side of 2000-foot cliffs in Mexico, and bike through the mountains of Japan. He is a professional adventurer and the owner of Overhang Adventures. He lives and breathes the outdoors. When he's not leading trips or teaching courses, you can most likely find him hanging off some cliff, paddling down a river, or playing guitar by a campfire.

When he’s not off in the middle of nowhere finding his next adventure, he can be found playing guitar or the djembe with two of his closest friends and bandmates, spreading good around the city of Toronto through their initiative #trainreaction. He thoroughly loves everything he does both in and out of work.

Amir had his first camping experience when he was 11 years old on a 3-day, 2-night canoe trip/wilderness survival trip and he has been hooked since! The outdoors turned this insecure little boy with self-esteem issues into a confident and passionate leader. He loves her for her beauty and the feelings of peace she provides. He runs to her for her never ending challenges and excitement. Most importantly, he respects her for he knows she can be equally kind and unforgiving.

Amir has been leading backcountry expeditions since he was 16 years old. He has been on countless trips and finds that his personal adventures keep getting more and more exciting as time goes on. He loves playing guitar by the campfire, being immersed in the silence that can only be found in nature, and the deepest sleeps he knows he earns through a day of being active outdoors.

Amir Fishman bouldering on Dover Island, Nova Scotia